Monday, April 21, 2014

Construction Began

DiMeo Bros, Inc. started work along Colfax Avenue last week. The contractor made the connection to the existing water main at Harlem Avenue and Colfax Avenue. The contractor continued installing new 8-inch water main to the west between Harlem Avenue and Washington Street.

This week the contractor will begin performing the required testing on the new water main between Harlem Avenue and Washington Street prior to placing it into service.  The contractor will  continue to install the new water main between Washington Street and Lincoln Street. The contractor is also anticipating to install new storm sewer between Washington Street and Lincoln Street at the same time as the water main in this location.

Once the water main and storm sewer between Harlem Avenue and Lincoln Street is completed, the contractor is anticipating to move to Colfax Avenue and Shermer Road to install the new water main between Shermer Road and Montgomery Street.

We anticipate some additional water main shut downs over the next week at various locations along the project site.  Exact areas and timing are to be determined depending on the work progress. We will strive to give you as much notice as possible for any disruption in water service.  However, there are always instances in which the water main may need to be shut down in an emergency situation. In these cases, we will do our best to let you know of these shutdowns as quickly as possible.

We understand that construction is an inconvenience for all residents who live in and around the work site including travel delays, dirty roadways, and water service shut-downs. As part of these blog posts, we will try to let you know of work completed the previous week as well as what is expected to be completed in the week ahead.

We appreciate your patience throughout the entire construction process and during the water main shut downs that occurred this previous week and those required in the coming weeks.