Friday, May 9, 2014

Storm Sewer and Water Main Continues

Last week the contractor continued to work on the storm sewer improvements along the project site. The contractor started at the east end of the project near Harlem Avenue and are working their way west towards Shermer Road. The contractor has been replacing the existing storm sewers and structures in some locations, as well as installing additional storm sewers and structures throughout the project site.

The contractor has also been installing storm sewer services and water services to individual homes between Harlem Avenue and Lincoln Street.

Next week the contractor will be making the connections between the new water main and the existing water main at Lincoln Street and Harlem Avenue. While these connections are being made, the water will need to be turned for a period of time. The Village of Glenview will notify all residents of the impending water shut down prior to the water being turned off.  The current schedule is for the contractor to make the connections at Lincoln Street on Monday, May 12th and the connection at Harlem Avenue on Tuesday, May 13th.

The contractor will also install new water services to those homes with a water service connected to the water main along Colfax Avenue between Montgomery Street and Shermer Road. During water service installations, there is not a wide-spread water shut-down, but each individual home will be out of water service while the connections are made. It will take approximately 1-hour to make each connections. The contractor will contact each residence prior to the water being turned off.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as the construction project progresses. We understand that traveling along and across Colfax Avenue has been difficult. We would also like to Thank You in advance for the impending disruptions in water service in the coming week due to water main connections and installation of new water services.