Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Storm Sewer Work On-Going

DiMeo Bros, Inc. continued underground utility installations along Colfax Avenue last week. The contractor completed installing the new 8-inch water main between Shermer Road and Montgomery Lane. The contractor also completed the water main testing associated the new water main in this area. The necessary testing has been completed for all the new water mains. 

The contractor also started installing the new storm sewer system between Harlem Avenue and Lincoln Street.

This week the contractor will continue to install storm sewer and storm sewer services along the project site.

The contractor will also begin installing new water services to those homes that are served off the water main along Colfax Avenue.

During water service installations, the contractor will need to disrupt service to individual homes during the re-connection process. This should take no longer then 1-hour and the contractor will notify all residents prior to the water being turned off.

Next week, the contractor is anticipating to make the final connections between the new and existing water mains between Lincoln Street and Harlem Avenue. Residents affected by this work will need to have their water shut off for a period of time while the work is on-going. All residents will be notified prior to the work occurring and the water being turned off.

We appreciate your patience throughout the entire construction process and during the water main shut downs that occurred this previous week and those required in the coming weeks.