Friday, May 23, 2014

Triple 48-inch Sanitary Sewer Detention to Begin Next Week

This week the contractor continued to work on the storm sewer improvements between Montgomery Street and Shermer Road. The contractor has completed the main line storm sewer and will begin working on the storm sewer services to individual lots. The contractor will begin the storm sewer service work this week and likely last through the first part of next week.

The contractor spent some additional time this week performing site clean-up in preparation for the Memorial Day weekend.

 Next week, a new phase of construction will begin, the installation of the triple 48-inch sanitary sewer detention system.  This detention system will be installed in three locations throughout the project, including between Montgomery Street and Elm Street, between Elm Street and Parkview Street, and between Parkview Street and Lincoln Street.

The first location the contractor will be working on is between Montgomery Street and Elm Street. Notifications were delivered to residents in the area regarding the upcoming work and traffic restrictions during the construction. Colfax Avenue between Montgomery Street and Elm Street will be closed starting Tuesday, May 27th. The contractor will start by removing the existing pavement, curb & gutter, and sidewalk prior to installing the 48-inch piping. The work in this area is expected to last 1-2 weeks.  Once this block is completed, the contractor will move east to the other blocks with the proposed sanitary sewer detention system. As the work moves east, so will with roadway closures. It is anticipated that only one block will be closed at any given time.

As this new phase of construction begins, we understand there will be additional traffic delays due to the closure of Colfax Avenue between Elm Street and Montgomery Street. We thank you for your patience and understanding in advance.

Have an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day weekend!