Friday, June 27, 2014

Roadway Reconstruction started between Shermer Road and Elm Street

The triple 48-inch sanitary sewer detention systems along Colfax Avenue have been completed along the entire project site. The contractor has completed approximately 90% of all underground utility work associated with the project which included water main, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer.

This week also saw the start of the next phase of construction, roadway reconstruction. The contractor removed the existing concrete curb & gutter and sidewalk from Shermer Road to Elm Street and performed the necessary grading and installation of roadway base materials prior to installing the concrete curb & gutter.

Landmark Construction, the concrete sub-contractor, was on-site installing the concrete curb & gutter and sidewalks from Shermer Road to Elm Street. The progress went quicker than planned; therefore it was decided to complete the concrete sidewalk and driveways at the same time as the curb & gutter. Most residents may be out of their driveways for a longer period of time then initially planned, but there should be no additional timeframes in which the driveways will be restricted due to concrete work.  All residents will be notified if access to their driveways will be delayed.

The contractor is anticipating to perform some minor clean-up work this Saturday, June 27th.

This week also saw the arrival of the Hoerr Construction, the sewer pipe internal lining sub-contractor. Many of the existing storm sewers along the roadway are old and show signs of leakage. In lieu of replacing the large diameter pipes, it was determined a more cost efficient and effective method to rehabilitate these pipes is by installing a liner inside the existing pipe. Replacing these large diameter pipes would have been very costly. The process consists of installing a water-tight and structurally sound liner inside the existing storm sewer pipes.

The existing storm sewer pipes are being lined with this contract. The existing sanitary sewer pipes will be lined later in the summer under a separate contract with a different contractor. Residents will be receiving a notice regarding this process within the next few weeks.

Next week, the concrete contractor is going to finish the concrete work between Shermer Road and Elm Street. The contractor will not begin installing concrete curb & gutter or sidewalk from Elm Street to Harlem Avenue until after the July 4th weekend. 

The contractor is going to concentrate on project site clean-up prior to the July 4th Holiday weekend.  Work anticipated to be completed includes landscape grading behind the previously installed concrete curb & gutter or sidewalk, debris removal, installing aggregate between the new concrete curb & gutter and existing pavement, and other miscellaneous tasks.

The contractor will continue with roadway reconstruction, including concrete curb & gutter and sidewalk removal and replacement from Elm Street to Harlem Avenue and pavement removal and replacement from Shermer Road to Elm Street, following the July 4th Holiday. Residents will be notified prior to driveway access being restricted.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding during these difficult days with a lot of construction activity on your street and within the neighborhood. We understand the difficulty it is in getting around and the dust being created. Please be assured the Village is doing everything possible to ensure progress on the project moves as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure a timely completion.