Friday, June 6, 2014

Sanitary Sewer Detention System: 1st Section Done, 2nd Section Started

This past week the contractor completed the 1st section of the sanitary sewer detention system between Montgomery Lane and Elm Street. The block is now open to traffic.

The contractor also began the pavement removal of Colfax Avenue between Elm Street and Parkview Road in preparation for installing the 2nd section of the sanitary sewer detention system. This block of Colfax Avenue from Elm Street to Parkview Road is now closed to all traffic. We anticipate this block will be closed for the entire week of June 9thWe will not block the intersection of Parkview Road and Colfax Avenue since there is no additional access to Parkview Road south of Colfax Avenue.

The contractor is not anticipating to work this Saturday, June 7th.

Next week, the contractor will continue to remove the existing pavement and install the triple 48-inch sanitary sewer detention basin between Elm Street and Parkview Road.

We will monitor the progress of the on-going work, as the contractor gets closer to moving to the block between Parkview Road and Lincoln Street, we will notify the residents in the area regarding the roadway closure of that block.  It is anticipated work in this block will begin early the week of June 16th.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding as you deal with the inconveniences of underground utility improvements on and around the street you live on.