Friday, August 22, 2014

Entire Roadway Paved with First 2 Layers of Asphalt

Last week, DiMeo Brothers completed excavating the existing roadway and installing the aggregate base layer.

Arrow Road, the paving sub-contractor, installed the 1st and 2nd layers of asphalt pavement along Colfax Avenue from Harlem Avenue to Elm Street.

Next  week, DiMeo Brothers continue to be on-site performing miscellaneous work, primarily locating and adjusting manhole covers that are currently buried under the asphalt pavement. The manhole covers were intentionally lowered below the pavement to allow for the grading and paving operations to go quicker and provide a smoother driving surface.

During the manhole adjustment work, getting through the work site will be difficult due to the holes in the pavement at each manhole. The manholes will be adjusted such that traffic will be maintained throughout the process. Once the manholes are adjusted, temporary rubber ramps will be installed around the manholes so they can be easily driven over.

Remaining work to be completed includes internal manhole lining, landscape restoration, and asphalt surface paving. The sanitary sewer manhole lining is currently being scheduled. Landscape restoration is scheduled to begin following the Labor Day weekend when the growing conditions are more favorable. The asphalt surface paving will be completed after the landscape restoration and Nicor completes the gas main and service replacement project in the area.

As the project is nearing its end, we understand it is has been a long spring and summer for all the residents who live on and around the project site. Now that the asphalt pavement has been installed, the dust and dirt will be dramatically decreased. There will still be disruptions to your daily travel, but hopefully they will be minimal from this point forward.

We thank you again for your patience and understanding throughout the process.