Friday, August 8, 2014

Paving Between Shermer Road and Elm Street Started

This past week, DiMeo Brothers continued to excavate the existing roadway in preparation for the new asphalt pavement from Montgomery Lane to Elm Street. The roadway excavation did not progress as far as the previous week because the contractor concentrated on getting Colfax Avenue from Shermer Road to Elm Street prepared for asphalt pavement.

The first of 3 layers of asphalt pavement was installed between Shermer Road and Elm Street. This is a large milestone in the project because it will eliminate much of the dust and create a smoother driving surface along this portion of Colfax Avenue.

Next  week, the asphalt paving contractor, Arrow Road, will install the 2nd of 3 layers of asphalt pavement between Shermer Road and Elm Street. Once this 2nd layer of asphalt paving is completed, the final surface layer of asphalt will not be installed until the project is nearly completed. Work to be completed prior to the asphalt surface layer being installed includes landscape restoration, adjusting manholes, completion of miscellaneous repairs. We will also wait until Nicor Gas completes the installation of a new gas main and services before paving the final surface layer of asphalt.

Next week, the contractor will continue to excavate the existing roadway from Elm Street to the east. During the roadway excavation process, we ask that you do not park on the street or in your driveways in the areas they are working. We are currently evaluating options to make the construction progress move faster. If any of the options decided on will affect access to your driveways more than anticipated, we will be sure to notify you of any access restrictions. Again, the goal is to get the asphalt pavement installed as quickly as possible to eliminate the dusty conditions and provide a smoother driving surface.

With the asphalt paving of the westerly portion of the project, a majority of the dust and dirt will be eliminated and we are getting to the end of the project. We are just as committed to ensuring the easterly portion of the project is completed as quickly as possible. We understand it has been a long spring and summer of construction for all residents within the area and hope the asphalt paving is a welcome sign that the end is near. We thank you again for your patience and understanding.