Friday, August 15, 2014

Road Reconstruction Between Elm Street and Harlem Avenue On-Going

This past week, Arrow Road, the paving sub-contractor completed installing the 2nd of 3 layers of asphalt pavement from Shermer Road to Elm Street. The final layer of asphalt pavement will not be completed for a few weeks when the project is nearly completed.

DiMeo Brothers continued to excavate the existing roadway and install new aggregate base course from Elm Street to Harlem Avenue.

Next  week, DiMeo Brothers will complete the roadway excavation, installation of aggregate base, and grading of the base materials in preparation for asphalt paving from Elm Street to Harlem Avenue.

It is anticipated Arrow Road will begin paving the asphalt binder layer from Elm Street to Harlem Avenue later in the week, likely Thursday or Friday depending on work progress and weather conditions. Once this is completed, the entire roadway will have at least one layer of asphalt pavement installed and the dust should be dramatically reduced and roadway smooth for driving. 

Following asphalt pavement, the contractor will continue to perform various tasks prior to installing the final asphalt surface layer. Some of the work to be completed includes adjusting manhole frames, internal lining of the sanitary sewer manholes, landscape grading, and general site clean-up. The installation of sod is not anticipated to begin until after the Labor Weekend when the growing conditions are more favorable.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during the construction progress. If all goes well, the entire roadway will be paved with at least one layer of asphalt by the end of the week.