Friday, August 1, 2014

Road Reconstruction Started

This past week, DiMeo Brothers began excavating the existing roadway pavement and soils under the existing roadway prior installing a new aggregate base course. The contractor started at Shermer Road and worked east to Montgomery Lane. The progress has been a little slower than anticipated due to the poor soils under the existing roadway.

Next week, the contractor will continue to excavate the existing roadway from Montgomery Lane to the east. During the roadway excavation process, we ask that you do not park on the street or in your driveways in the areas they are working. Access to your driveways will be provided at the end of each working day.

We currently do not have a schedule for installing the new asphalt pavement. We want to pave as soon as possible to eliminate some of the dust currently being generated during construction operations and as cars drive through the street.

We apologize for the inconvenience the roadway improvements are causing to your daily lives and dusty conditions along the street.  The Village is committed to minimizing these inconveniences to the greatest extent possible. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.