Friday, September 5, 2014

Manhole Lining On-Going

Last week, limited work was performed on-site. The most significant construction operation was making concrete repairs within the existing manholes prior to having the epoxy liner installed. This is the 2nd of 3 steps to the epoxy manhole lining process.

Next week the contractor will complete the concrete repairs and install the epoxy liner in the manholes.

The Village is continuing to reach out to NICOR to determine their schedule for completing the gas main and service replacement project along Colfax Avenue. A schedule for completing the work as not been provided to the Village at this time. Currently, the Village is anticipating to complete the asphalt surface paving and landscape restoration after the NICOR work is completed. If the Village cannot get a definitive schedule in the near future, the asphalt paving and landscape restoration will be completed. NICOR will then be responsible for any damage caused during their project.

Thank you for being patient while we coordinate with NICOR to determine the schedule for completing the project.