Monday, October 20, 2014

Preparing for Asphalt Surface

Last week, DiMeo Brothers made the connection between the existing water main and the newly installed water main at the intersection of Colfax and Parkview. The contractor also performed the concrete sidewalk and curb & gutter restoration in this area. It is also anticipated the asphalt patch will be completed in preparation for asphalt surface paving.

This week the contractor will perform the final steps in preparation for asphalt surface paving. Work will include sawing and trimming new joints and ensuring the proper thickness of asphalt is allotted for along the curb & gutter.

Asphalt paving is currently scheduled for the middle of this week. Once the asphalt surface is paved, the project will be completed with the exception of a few minor outstanding items.

With the significant rainfall last week, the landscape contractor did not perform additional watering. Due to the current weather conditions and timing of the year, it is not anticipated additional watering of the sod will be required. All landscape restoration will be evaluated next spring to ensure the sod is healthy and no additional settlement occurred within the parkways and lawns.

We thank you again for your patience and understanding throughout the project. If all goes as planned, the project will be completed by the end of this week. This will be the end of a long construction season for you all. Thank you again!!