Friday, October 10, 2014

Water Main to be Completed Next Week. Asphalt Surface Paving in 2 Weeks.

Last week, DiMeo Brothers completed the water main installation at the intersection of Parkview Road and Colfax Avenue. During a final walk-through the water main was determined to be leaking. It was decided to repair the water main prior to the final asphalt surface being installed. Thank you for your understanding as this additional work was performed.

The contractor also began performing the required testing of the newly installed water main. We are anticipating have the needed approvals by the beginning of next week. Once the necessary approvals are received, the contractor will perform the final connection to the existing water main and install new water services within this stretch of water main. This work is anticipated to be completed Monday or Tuesday next week.

The landscape contractor is responsible for continual watering of the sod until a healthy stand of grass is established. The contractor will continue to be on-site for the next several weeks watering the sod.

We are currently anticipating the final asphalt surface layer to be installed the week of October 20th.

We thank you again for your patience and understanding as this additional work was performed.